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About Us

Find out more about us. Gardens & Roses (GNR) is a well-established international outdoor furniture provider. Catering for the discerning client looking for luxury, style, opulence and to turn their outdoor living space into a relaxing sanctuary of bliss. GNR offers the finest range of contemporary, luxury and high-end outdoor lifestyle furniture, from sofa sets to sun loungers and everything in between at reasonable prices. GNR’s product range is designed by using high-quality components and progressive technology, in tandem with set industry standards. The range of furniture is well known for its long functional life and fine quality.

Our New Showroom

Considering the great weather conditions and the relaxing atmosphere, that is in Cape Town South Africa, the brand was expanded with a showroom launch in 2014 in the Cape Town Southern Suburbs town of Claremont. Due to the rapid diversification of the range, a warehouse outlet was opened in Woodstock. In addition to the showroom, an Online shop was also established with free nationwide delivery to provide convenience to the whole of South Africa.

As time passed, GNR identified and started satisfying the needs in the South African market for products that have satisfied the international market for years. It is with this that GNR started narrowing down its range of furniture and mainly providing award-winning designs for the ultimate in luxury but that won’t necessarily break the bank. GNR also identified their client’s need to see all ranges under one roof with convenient access and free parking. It is with these pointers in mind that decisions were made to move all operations to the Woodstock showroom, all ranges under one roof and easy access in terms of how central it is to the Atlantic Seaboard, Cape Town CBD, Southern Suburbs, Northern Suburbs and West Coast. With all of their resources and expertise, they also aim to provide their clients with world class customer service and efficiency.

Contact us

GNR will continue supplying the South African market with innovative and some of the most exclusive designs in international trends right to customers’ doorstep. Visit the website, Facebook page and showroom (88 Newmarket Street, Woodstock) regularly for the latest offerings and promotions. GNR can also be contacted directly on 0214613091 or info@gnrsa.co.za