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How to take care of your Aluminium furniture

Aluminium garden furniture won’t rust, but it can suffer from aluminium oxidation. This will change the colour of the metal over time, but won’t affect the strength of it – in fact, it actually makes it stronger.

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If you live near the ocean or your products come into contact with salt water spray from salt water pools, then we recommend the cleaning be done weekly using a mild soap and lukewarm water. Do not use abrasive cleaners. For maximum protection against harmful ultraviolet exposure, we recommend a yearly application of a clear automobile wax.

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If you want to maintain the original colour of your furniture, make sure you clean it regularly by hosing it down, or keep it covered during the winter months to maximize its longevity. Top Tip an easy way to extend the life of your metal garden furniture is to polish it with car wax yearly after you’ve finished cleaning it. The wax will make it more water resistant.

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