Get snug and cozy this winter with Romantic Lighting

GNR offers a wide array of outdoor lighting solutions to suit your style. With options of oil lamps, lanterns, torches and illuminated planters, you have no reason to have a dull outdoor area. Here are a few ideas for you to play with.


The Pisa copper and natural wood torch will illuminate your evenings with elegance. No need for artificial light to illuminate your space, the Pisa Torch will shine brightly on your terrace, garden or outdoor entertainment area.

Pisa Torch on Spike

Pisa Torch on Spike

The Roma stainless steel and wood Torch moves majestically in a garden to refine your outdoor moments. With a name inspired by a city with unparalleled romanticism, Roma is the ideal lamp for those wishing to illuminate their outside with authenticity and intensity.


Roma Torch on Spike

A light storm named the Toronto Oil Lamp with a modern design will enlighten your night! With its classic look and design suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it’s no wonder the Toronto is one of our client’s favourite oil lamps.


Toronto Oil Lamp

The Monte Carlo is an oil lamp out of the ordinary that stands by its original design. Timeless and contemporary, this lamp will bring character to your outdoor spaces.


Monte Carlo Oil Lamp

The Range of illuminated planters and BOO Chairs is an excellent choice to keep your kids entertained as well as enhancing you garden or entertainment area. With its interchanging colours on the BOO chairs you can pick the colour to either suite your mood or to suite your colour décor. Made from moulded plastic it is safe to use in a kid’s room to illuminate the area as an alternative to a night light, it has a soft padded seat for those emergency guests or for those night time bed story reading and the mobile charger makes it ideal to move around without wires getting in the way keep the look clean and stylish.

Boo Chair

Boo Chair

The various planters will enhance any area with a beautiful muted glow making your garden even more beautiful casting a soft relaxed atmosphere in any space however big or small. It is also ideal for those foyers when coming home from an evening out or even when you need to leave a night light on for the kids.


Juno Illuminated Planter


Artemis Illuminated Planter

Selene - Illuminated (2)

Selene Illuminated Planter

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