What makes our wicker furniture so special?

Our wicker furniture supplier takes pride in constantly creating new innovative designs in combination with new, high quality materials. Their in-house design team actively collaborates with international designers to create unique yet stylish designs.

Our customers all over the world recognize the high quality Standard benchmark that is maintained for every piece of furniture we provide.

Wicker Characteristics

  • Products are woven with a high quality all weather Abaco XF wicker.
  • Extruded from high density polyethylene
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Outstanding weatherproof
  • Colorfast
  • UV resistant
  • Easy too clean
  • Laboratory tested for tensile and strengths

Domus abacoxf wicker

Our ranges consist of 2 types of wicker

The Standard Weave which has a flat appearance. Eg. The Matera in Carbon Grey and The Crescent in Carbon Grey


The Duo Weave which has a round cross appearance. Eg. Magic Apple, Paradiso Cubu Cream, Matera Cuba Cream and The Nest



The Warm Grey cushions are made up of a polyester and cotton combination, it is not water resistant or water proof. Polyester is a synthetic material, while cotton comes from a naturally grown plant. When combining the two materials for an article there are several benefits. Cotton is a very soft material that provides good moisture absorption, while polyester is a more durable material when combined with cotton. Polyester is highly resistant to UV radiation, which means it can stand more prolonged exposure to the sun than polypropylene without the material breaking down. It’s mildew resistant which makes it great for outdoor uses.


The Peru cushions are made of a 100% solution dyed polypropylene fabric with a PU coated backing. This enhances the fabric’s resistance to water. Because polypropylene is not as UV resistant as polyester or nylon, prolonged exposure to intense sunlight is more likely to cause discoloration or warping of the fabric. However, typical use for a day at the beach or an afternoon hike won’t compromise the durability or look of the product; just don’t leave it on the roof for a month. Hand wash with cold water below 30 degree Celsius. Do not tumble dry, dry flat. Do not iron.

Should you require any further information on our wicker products, please feel free to contact one of our consultants on 0214613091 or

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