Why the Fermo Range?

Enjoy conversations together with friends and family. Start your Spring off with the amazing versatile Fermo Range.

The Fermo modular sofa set is not only stylish in design but comfortable for any family get together, no matter how big or small your family gathering. With a selection of three seaters (without arms), two seaters (with or without arms), single seat armchairs and the option of either the top-lift coffee table that will make the neighbours go green with envy, or the teak top coffee tables for a distinctive creative change the Fermo modular sofa set is the most talked about sofa set in any season. Build your own design by selecting the pieces to suit your lifestyle.

With the Fermo Dining sets in two aesthetically pleasing options, summer dining will never be the same again. Whether you want the more modern look of a tempered glass top or a completely different appeal of the teak top, then these dining table choices are for you. Set yourself apart from the rest with these no fuss ideas. Full aluminium frames minimizes your after entertaining cleaning as well as its appeal to minimizing corrosion. With either the beautifully designed Full Aluminium Fermo Double Sling dining chair or Bench options, boring seating is a thing of the past.

With the Fermo Double Sling Sun Loungers, you will want to spend all of summer beside the pool just tanning, reading or relaxing with friends. These sleek sun loungers are perfect for all day outdoor entertaining.  With its modern sleek lines and comfortable padded sling, the Fermo Sun Lounger will keep the parties going.

Care and Maintenance

High grade Aluminium is preferred by manufacturers for its strength, its low weight and its resistance to corrosion. Most of GNR’s Aluminium ranges have a polyester powder paint finish applied statically and embedded by a baking action. The advantages of this procedure are the endless possibilities in the variety of colour and the protection to the metal. Regularly cleaning with a mild soapy solution to remove surface dirt is all that is necessary. Avoid using abrasives. Aluminium garden furniture won’t rust, but it can suffer from aluminium oxidation. This will change the colour of the metal over time, but won’t affect the strength of it – in fact, it actually makes it stronger.

If you want to maintain the original colour of your furniture, make sure you clean it regularly by hosing it down, or keep it covered during the winter months to maximize its longevity. Top tip an easy way to extend the life of your metal garden furniture is to polish it with a clear car wax after you’ve finished cleaning it. The wax will make it more water resistant.

All glass for tables are tempered. Ceramic & Glass is naturally resistant to staining making it highly suitable material for outdoor tables.
Glass is fragile and care must be taken to avoid chipping or damaging. Care must be taken to avoid scratching surfaces with cutlery, china and decorative items. It is recommended that tablemats and coasters are used on glass tops. Glass surfaces should be cleaned with standard glass cleaners.

To keep cushions looking good it is recommended that they are stored indoors overnight. Most stains on the material can be spot cleaned with mild soapy water. Simply remove dirt by scrubbing with cool water (under 30 degrees) and natural soap. Do not iron, spin or tumble dry. To prevent creasing replace the covers while still damp and dry in the open air. Cushions must be completely dry before storing in a well-ventilated area over winter. Alternatively cover with a custom made water proof cover to extend longevity.

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